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Oversized Flat Shipping

All signs greater than 32" tall x 48" wide are automatically scored and folded. To score your coroplast signs, we cut through the top layer of the yard sign without cutting through the entire piece. The sign is then folded into an optimal fit to meet shipping guidelines. If your yard sign cannot be scored, or if you would like to receive shipping prices for oversized flat signs, please provide us with your information below and we will get back to you within one business day with pricing.

Oversized Flat Sign FAQ

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding our oversized flat sign shipping! We hope these answer your questions. 

What Is Freight Shipping and How Does It Work?

To ship items freight, they are put on a pallet and shipped via a trucking company. Due to UPS shipping guidelines, any boxes over 32" x 48"’ have the potential to be bent or damaged during shipping. We ship your items freight to ensure their safety.

Why Do Unscored Flat Signs over 32" x 48" Get Shipped Freight?

Due to UPS shipping guidelines, it’s very expensive to ship large flat items. They may be easily damaged since UPS may bend the packages to fit. This runs the risk of breaking your sign. If your oversized flat sign can’t be scored and folded, we will ship them freight to ensure the safety of your products.

Why Can’t My Sintra Signs Be Scored and Folded?

Sintra is a type of rigid flat sign and doesn’t have the hollow flutes like Coroplast does. Because of this, scoring a Sintra sign would cause it to break apart and be damaged, which is why we ship it freight.

What Does Scoring Look Like?

Scoring allows your sign to be shipped at the lowest possible cost while still maintaining their structural integrity. Below are some examples of what your signs will look like scored, both open and closed.

Open Closed